This is my life…

My name is Teresa Brooks Quiner and I currently live in Corvallis Oregon. I made a goal last February to start a blog before a year had passed. I’m just squeaking in before my deadline. I was so afraid to start a blog because I didn’t know how. Then I joined my girls in starting a business called 7% Whimsy and I had to become proficient at blogging on our website We started the blog in January and I have made roughly a post a week. I discovered blogging wasn’t so scary after all.

My wonderful family!

This is my beautiful family. I’m the one in the pink sweater. We had this photograph taken at Christmas 2014. We need a new family photo!

Then came the problem of finding a name for my blog. I had so many good ideas; unfortunately somebody else already had the same good idea. It took about a week of googling ideas before I found a name that I really liked, not just sorta’ liked.

Here I am  Zestfully Hanging On. It actually describes my life in a nutshell.

I’m working like crazy trying to enjoy my life and sometimes it gets so hard I’m holding on for all it’s worth.

I really couldn’t come up with a particular focus for my blog. I’m more than a little ADD and I can never settle on doing anything for very long. So expect a mishmash of ideas, photographs, recipes, artwork and so much more in this blog. To learn more about me check out my ‘About’ page.

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