I’m Teresa Brooks Quiner, I currently live in Corvallis Oregon with my wonderful husband of 33 years and counting.

I’m more than a little ADD and I can never settle on doing anything for very long, so this blog is going to be a mishmash of several different things. Let me introduce myself and my interests in a nifty little (okay – really big) list.

My wonderful family!

This is my beautiful family, taken at Christmas 2014. I’m the one in the pink sweater. Back row, left to right: Emi, Trevor, Joey, Katrina and Kirsten.  To give you an idea about height in this photograph Trevor is 6’2″ Katrina and Kirsten are standing on blocks, Emi is not. Joey is a foot taller than Katrina.

First Things First:

  • I’m the grandmother of one amazing little girl. She loves to dance, sing, trampoline, play make believe, draw amazing pictures, go to school (preschool) or the zoo, or anywhere fun (like the park), call her grandparents on the phone. She absolutely loves PLAY DOH. She never stops moving except when she is asleep, in fact she usually takes life running and you’d better catch up, because she’s not stopping. I shall address her as The Little Princess in this blog.
  • I have been married 33 years to a wonderful husband who was a family medicine physician in the US Navy for almost 26 years; he recently retired to a civilian practice which has taken some getting used to. He is the oldest of thirteen children.
  • I am the mother of three wonderful grown up children:
  • Trevor, 31 years old, an OB/GYN living in Mesa Arizona  He has a beautiful Japanese wife named Emi, who runs a Japanese language preschool two days a week. They are the parents of my super-cute, super-smart almost 4 year old bilingual granddaughter.
  • Katrina, 29 years old, a vegan artist also living in Mesa Arizona, in the photo she is standing on a block; Joey is almost a whole foot taller than she is. She is married to Joey who owns his own software company called Novak Solutions.
  • And finally, Kirsten, 24 years old, a microbiologist who is currently living in Eugene Oregon working for So Delicious nondairy confections.
  • My mother lives in nearby Salem Oregon. I have two siblings one who lives in Chewelah Washington and the other in Meridian Idaho with their families..
  • My mother-in-law lives in nearby Dallas Oregon; 6 of my husband’s siblings and  their families live in Oregon (Clackamas, Dallas, Albany, Bend and Southerlin) as well. The rest are divided into Alaska, Utah, California, Lanzarote Spain and Maryland.

Where I’ve Lived:

  • Obviously I was a Navy wife for almost 26 years.
  • During our time in the Navy we lived in many US states, another country and an American protectorate. Here they are in order: Washington DC (actually Silver Spring Maryland),  Alameda California, Groton Connecticut, Virginia Beach Virginia, Pensacola Florida, San Diego California, Yokosuka Japan, Virginia Beach again!, Asan Guam and lastly Corpus Christi Texas.
  • We lived in Japan for 4 glorious years. It became a second home for me, which I still miss on a daily basis – 10 years later. Thankfully we get to return to Japan in August for a visit and the dedication of the Sapporo Japan temple.
  • We got to live in beautiful Guam for 20 fun months; and wish I’d gotten to stay longer.
  • I’ve never lived in the same place for more than four years in my entire life, although I lived in Salem, Oregon for 9 consecutive years (one year as a newlywed), in 4 different houses and in several different LDS wards.

What I Do:

  • I’m a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. LDS or ‘Mormon’ for short. I get to do ‘Activity Days’ with the 8-11 year old girls in my ward at church. We have 15 super-fun energetic girls. I love it!
  • I DO ART! I’m a multimedia artist with a special affinity for watercolour and colored pencils. I never liked being pigeonholed into using one medium when I was taking art classes in college. I was happy to discover multimedia art, finally art the way I thought it should be!
  • I have the pleasure of assisting my daughters in a vendor style business called 7% Whimsy. We go to con’s (comic, science fiction, fantasy, anime, etc…), craft shows and even the occasional Farmer’s Market with our whimsical and eclectic blend of handcrafted items and vintage kimono which we import from Japan.
    • I produce a line of ‘fantasy lingo’ greeting cards for the con crowd. I currently have cards in 3 different Lord of the Rings Elven languages and in Klingon. I am revising my Hobbit and Dwarvish cards and am working on Gallifreyan, Kanji and Runic cards as well.
    • I really like steampunk art and create steampunk mandala and medallions and am working on a few new products as well.
    • I make vintage comic book art.
    • I handcraft beautiful ornaments and jewelry pieces from vintage papers, sheet music and maps.

What I Love:

  • Pretty much every Saturday morning you can find me at our local farmers market.
  • I love to spend time outdoors gardening, hiking, photographing or simply communing with nature.
  • I love birds, insects and wildflowers; the beach and the mountains.
  • I collect really old books: (especially dictionaries, encyclopedia, and bibles), vintage maps and atlases, and beautiful yellowing with age sheet music. I buy most of these items at estate sales.
  • I love to travel and meet new people and experience new cultures.
  • I’m always looking for the opportunity to go on a road trip, especially with my family. I make the drive to Mesa about 4 times a year.
  • I collect art from my travels and my house is full of it.
  • Did I mention that I love to create art?
  • I love having family game nights, especially when they’re combined with our huge family dinners.
  • Sometimes I get sucked up in watching entire series of television programs on Roku.

Cooking and Recipe Development:

  • I delight in cooking and eating healthy, fresh foods and trying and creating new recipes, especially ethnic food.
    • I love to buy and prepare fresh local produce, my most recent obsession being kale, butternut squash and cranberries.
    • I’m not really into baking, although I have recently started crafting gluten free baked goods because I’m not fond of the commercial ones available.
    • Preserves however are a different story. I can spend an entire afternoon thinking of new ways of combining fresh produce and herbs & spices in unusual ways to create amazing sugar free fruit spreads, chutneys and pickles. Then I get to refine the recipes until they are perfect, it’s great fun!
    • I really enjoy developing recipes that are gluten free (I have celiac disease).
    • And high protein (I had bariatric surgery). I am not paleo although I am currently in the middle of a whole 30 diet trying to eradicate the sugar monster I awoke over the holidays.
    • And last but not least vegan recipes for my own use and also for my daughter, Katrina, who visits several times a year.
    • I love to cook for big crowds, and find it fun to have huge buffet potlucks (28-40 people) with family members. Which is good since my husband is the oldest of thirteen, many of which reside in here in Oregon.


Zestfully Hanging On This was drawn freehand using prismacolor premier pencils and pigma micron pens.

This is one of my favorite mandala, I drew it completely freehand, with a pen. I then colored it with Prismacolor premier pencils. Every mandala is a surprise. I find drawing mandala in this way to be very relaxing.

  • I love creating beautiful hand decorated paper to use alone or as backdrops to my work. It is painted, stenciled, sprayed, gessoed, stamped and more.  One of my pieces of paper (it’s 18×24) is used as the backdrop for 7% Whimsy.
  • I am addicted to drawing mandala.
  • I love to make my own gifts and Christmas ornaments/decorations.
  • I  create collage for its own beauty and also as underlayers for my other work.
  • I’m also addicted to taking art classes on the internet. It’s amazing – I’ve taken classes from teachers in Argentina, all over the UK, Australia, Norway, Germany and more. The world is so small these days; what a fabulous thing the internet is! So many opportunities I never even dreamed were possible.
  • I love doing glass lampwork, creating marbles with flowers, tidepools or galaxies inside. Or making fun nature inspired beads. My goal is to learn to make small glass vessels. Unfortunately we are renting our house right now and I cannot set up a hot shop.
  • I like to color when I have the time and am currently working on my own coloring book.I also enjoy zentangle.
  • Sometimes I like to make quilts.

Other Stuff:

  • I’m an enthusiastic Pinterest addict with over 90 boards.
  • I adore fancy goldfish.
  • My husband keeps bees. We have 6 hives on our 1/4 acre lot. I’m allergic to bees.
  • 6 years ago I was in a wheelchair following a severe lower back diagnosis. After a pretty intense and mostly successful surgery I was left with permanent nerve damage in my left leg; I have very little sensation in it. This causes some small mobility issues like being unable to kneel and having to be really careful where I put my feet. I’m not allowed to lift more than 15 pounds. But for the most part I can do pretty much anything.